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Begs & Bags

Joana Avila

Daniel Stalopertstraat 63-III, 1072XB Amsterdam,


Company Description

At Begs & Bags, we are cleaning the oceans from plastic with the Azoreanhood. The Azoreanhood is a sustainable re-design of the traditional Azorean garment ‘Capote-e-Capelo’. Made with Seaqual fabrics and EcoBlue by Prym plastic snaps, the Azoreanhood is a fashion product that doesn’t contribute to the problem, but to the solution. Begs is a 17-meter young sperm whale who decided to embark on an exciting quest. Begs hopes to inspire the people of Iceland, Norway and Japan to stop whaling, by telling them about the Azorean success story. You can follow her trip through Begs' books: adventures for young adults and interested kids. Check us out